Piano Makeover Part 1

I’ve had an obsession with painted pianos for a while.  I think they are so modern and updated with such charm! But here’s where my obsession ends: actually going through the process of painting my piano.

Growing up, piano lessons were a requirement in my house.  Once you entered the 2nd grade, the lessons started.  I totally dreaded practicing and the 20 minutes on the timer seemed like hours.  And the recitals–AH!  In some of the home videos of the concerts you can see my hands shaking the entire time I am playing.  But somewhere around the age of 17 my views of playing the piano drastically changed.  I loved each minute of lessons and practice, and my fears of performing started to fade. My grandma always attended each recital and was such an encouragement through those times.

If I think about one of the best pianists, my grandma comes to mind.  She never uses music and always plays from her heart.  Even though she can’t remember what happened yesterday, she can remember every single recital song she ever played.  It truly is remarkable. When I would be at her house and a song would come on the radio that she liked, she would say, “Missy, go and pick that out on the piano!”  I would struggle to make my fingers match up with the tune, and she would come right over and play the entire song with ease.  Why didn’t that skill get passed down to me?  It is such a gift.

So fast forward a few years, my husband bought me a used, well loved piano, and it has been such a treasure in my house.  Every day of my pregnancy I played the piano, and now my daughter is so fascinated with all music.  Although I am so thankful to have this instrument in my house, I was never a fan of the color and the bench and legs are pretty worn.  I have decided to paint my piano with a chalk paint, and I’m pretty sure if I told my grandma she would pass out.  Her early 1900’s grand piano is beautiful and should never be painted.  However, my few decades old spinet piano needs some TLC.

Here is a before photo of my piano:PianoOnce I finish the painting, I will be sure to update!

Have you ever used chalk paint?  Any tips and tricks?